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Heritage Laminate – Canadian Barn


Heritage Laminate Flooring
  • 12.3mm, AC4, HDF
  • Waxed Edges For Added Protection of Moisture
  • 25 years manufacturer limited warranty for residential.



Heritage Laminate – Canadian Barn

Vanwood Heritage Collection 12.3mm thick. Residential Laminate Flooring and Commercial Laminate flooring grade AC4, locking click system for easy installation. Woodgrain textured matte oil finish. WAXED edges for added moisture protection and life’s mishaps.

  • Dimensions: H x W x L: Individual floor board 12.3mm x 196mm x 1218mm.
  • Finish/colour/pattern: Premium registered emboss.
  • Technical specs/ratings E1/AC4-Class 23/31.

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Where can I use laminate flooring?

Laminate floors can be installed throughout an entire residence, except for bathrooms with showers and bathtubs; the humidity in these areas is too high and will damage any wood floor. We would recommend a waxed edge product for the kitchen for that added water resistance. D&R Flooring in Langley – DR Flooring Langley.

What is AC rating or abrasion class in laminate flooring?

The AC rating (abrasion coefficient/class) is an important factor to consider before buying any laminate floor. This later became the global standard for laminate flooring. The AC rating will be relative to how you plan on using your laminate floor. AC 3 is the standard residential rating, 1 is the lowest and good for a guest bedroom and 5 being the most durable and suitable for commercial use.
The degrees of AC rating:
AC1: Lightfoot traffic only. Good for a dining room or guest bedroom.
AC2: Light to moderate foot traffic. Good for rooms used occasionally but not overly.
AC3: Heavy foot traffic. Good for the main living areas and entryways.
AC4: Light commercial use. Good for offices flooring and heavy home flooring use.
AC5: Commercial use. Good for store flooring and high traffic offices. D&R Flooring in Langley Bypass.

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Additional information


Canadian Barn


12.3 mm

AC Rating

AC 4

Box Quantity

15.39 sqft


1218 mm


196 mm



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