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We Are D&R Flooring and Renovations

D&R Flooring and Renovations CEO

Hamid Reza Ehtemam is a senior manager of D&R Flooring & Renovation strives to give the best services to these groups (1)Construction, Renovation and Fit-Out, (2)Flooring Solutions and Installations, and (3)Trading – whereas the client can opt to choose all or any of these services depending on their requirements, whereas opting for all services in one client interface mean reduced time and cost on his part.

D&R Flooring and Renovation completed projects are products of our dedication, hard work, and craftsmanship as evidenced by repeat clients and client’s referrals to friends and relatives. Our commitment to providing quality services at a reasonable cost and our guarantee to see the project into its completion is what we are. The faith of our client in us, in the delivery and completion, is what makes us what we are today.

It is D&R Flooring & Renovation’s promise – to provide our clients with the best service, at the most reasonable price and at the earliest time.