Is Hardwood Flooring Suitable For Your Home?

Is Hardwood Flooring Suitable For Your Home?

There are many different types of flooring on the market today. The sheer number of styles and models can be overwhelming for anyone. Choosing on type and model amongst all these variations without an expert opinion will indeed cause a lot of confusion and headache. Laminate, Bamboo, Marble, Tile, or even PVC Vinyl are just a few of the variations out there. 

In this article, we are first going to talk about a few popular types of flooring on the market and later discuss if Hardwood floor could be a suitable choice for your house.

Introducing different types of flooring:


Laminate is a durable, inexpensive, insulated flooring with a great variety of colors and shapes. The most popular of them all is the wood texture. It is straightforward to install and does not require any sort of adhesive for installation. The high proportion of wood used in the laminate creates a natural and warm atmosphere. However, laminates are not suitable for spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, children’s rooms or laundries due to their polish.

Bamboo Flooring

In addition to a stylish and natural look, bamboo flooring is very strong. Furthermore, this flooring is less expandable than other wood floorings. Therefore, they are appropriate for any type of climate.


Marble is a natural and luxurious stone. If you’re looking for luxury and have the budget, marble could be the flooring for you. Marble flooring is quite expensive due to its durability, mining process and stylish appearance. Coolness and high durability are the advantages of this precious stone. The facade of marble floor tiles is very relaxing and is suitable for bedrooms and places that are very clean and tidy, But it is not recommended for cold regions. 

PVC Flooring

Waterproof, long service life, easy installation and maintenance, and low price have made this flooring popular. PVC flooring can be used in all parts of the house, including the bedroom, living room, study, playroom, entrance and other busy areas.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are durable and reasonably priced floors used in the kitchen, bathroom and part of the living room. Of course, in some buildings, these materials are also used to decorate or cover the walls and floors of common areas.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is formed by putting together pieces of wood in different shapes and dimensions. They come in one part and several layers, which have the same appearance after installation. This type of flooring is an old, beautiful, and durable floor. It is one of the most suitable options for interior decoration due to its greater harmony with indoor furniture.

Hardwood flooring is manufactured from the wood of trees such as beech, cherry, and oak. After installation on the floor, it should be sanded and polished, and then varnish or oil should be applied to it. The rugged woods used in these floorings are usually more durable than other types of wood. In addition, cut timber has a beautiful appearance and is used in green buildings.

Types of Hardwood Floorings

Different types of wood floorings depend on the type of wood used to produce them, such as red oak, white oak, maple, cherry, white ash parquet, hickory, and pecan walnut parquet.

Advantages and disadvantages of

Hardwood floors

Hardwood is 100% natural and is a sound and heat insulator. Due to its insulation, this type of flooring is often preferred by those who suffer from heart problems.

Hardwood is repairable and adapts to any environment. It is resistant to high traffic. Cleaning all wood parquet is very simple and does not require any special tools, and can be cleaned using only a damp cloth. It also prevents the growth of fungus and mold in the house.

Hardwood, especially older types, usually squeak in certain places. This horrible sound is because one stick is stretched over another, which is generally at the junction with the substructure.

Hardwood is extremely sensitive to water and swells quickly when in contact with it. It is vulnerable to contact with sharp objects and scratches. It needs polishing and varnishing every few years.

The risk of fire and being infested by termites is also a crucial disadvantage of hardwood floors. The cost of maintaining hardwood floorings is also high due to the naturalness of its material.

Like all other organic materials, wood is an organic material that has its own unique properties and properties and is constantly changing. Therefore, due to the unique properties of wood, you should take special care of wooden floors, and you should polish them with special oil from time to time.

Hardwood floors are expensive and difficult to install.

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