Importance And Effects Of The Color Of Flooring In Interior Design

Importance And Effects Of The Color Of Flooring In Interior Design

Harmony between colors is one of the most important factors determining the correctness or incorrectness of interior design and decoration of a place. When designing a room, professional interior designers consider the coordination between all factors, including natural light, the location of the lighting elements, the color of the furniture, the color of the walls and floors. And take the necessary measures. It would be best to be more careful in choosing the colors and materials for the floor and the walls because they are large surfaces and are the main design elements. Choosing an unsuitable floor can make the space look dull and dark, making the area look smaller and narrower than it is. This article will discuss the importance of floor colors and the points that need your attention most.

In the past, it was much easier to choose the materials and colors of the flooring, because people used brown in parquet and neutral colors in ceramic tiles. But with the constant change of new trends and technologies today in the field of flooring and the choices before us, there are no limits. This variety makes it a little challenging to choose suitable materials and colors for the flooring. But do not worry, according to some tips you can easily make the right choice.

The Dimensions Of The Room

The size and dimensions of the room for which you want to choose the floor play an essential role in selecting the right color. Large places with dark floors look warmer and more integrated, while light colors create a cool atmosphere in a large area. The opposite is true in small areas. In a small room, choosing the right color will create a refreshing atmosphere and give significant space to the place.

Light-colored floors such as white, cream, or beige will turn small spaces into cozy, bright areas. However, these bright colors prevent a compact appearance in the room by emphasizing the empty space between the furniture.

Expanding Your Home By Choosing The Right Flooring

As the size and dimensions of the room, the height of the ceiling is one factor that affects the choice of floor color. In a house with a low ceiling, you should choose the color of the floor and walls in a way as to make the ceiling taller than it is and prevent the creation of a depressing and small space.

As much as bright colors help create the illusion of a larger space in a room with short ceilings, the right choice is to use a lighter color tone from floor to top. That means, use a darker color for the floors, a slightly lighter color than the floor for the walls, and a lighter tone for the ceiling. This method will make the ceiling look higher than it is.

The Proportion Of Floor Color And Design Style

The color of the flooring you choose for the room also affects the style you want to create in that room. Bright colors make a relaxing, peaceful, and simple emotional place. However, to create an energetic and attractive atmosphere use floors with yellow tones, and dark colors will be an excellent choice to create a natural and effective atmosphere.

You can also use a color like black to create a different, unique, and charismatic atmosphere and give a special look to the place. But if you are looking for a modern, calm, and natural atmosphere with a contemporary look, gray tones that have strived with time and have always stayed relevant will be a good choice for you.

Reflection Of Light On The Floor

During the day, the brightness of the room changes gradually. For this reason, when you examine the color of a floor in artificial light and at night, you should pay attention to the fact that the same floor will look different under natural daylight and create a different atmosphere. For this reason, when you want to choose a type of flooring, check them at different times of the day.

It is also important to choose the flooring while considering what time of the day the room is used the most. Of course, in a place like a kitchen that is used continuously throughout the day, how the floor is exposed to natural light must be considered. Since each room has a different lighting system that suits its application, in choosing the flooring, the amount of light reflecting from it should be considered based on the use of the room, because this way you will achieve better results.

Flooring That Fits The Furniture And Decoration

One of the biggest mistakes in choosing a floor covering is that the model and color of parquet, ceramic, or carpet model and color are determined based on the empty room. While flooring actually creates a background color for furniture and accessories, the color must fit in harmony with the furniture and appliances. For example, if you have uniquely designed furniture that you want to get more attention, you should use neutral colored flooring around this furniture that creates a calm background and does not attract attention.

This method will create a neutral background and make the furniture a focal point. If impressive furniture is placed on a remarkable floor, it will create a crowded and cluttered atmosphere and a boring image. When you want to choose the flooring of your place, you can bring several small accessories that reflect the color of the room to help you.

Textured Wood Flooring For A Beautiful Atmosphere

When it comes to wood flooring, at the top of the most used colors and models, there is a model with a two-tone texture and shows the textures and knots of wood. You can use this model of wooden flooring to create a warm, luxurious and serious atmosphere.

Black Flooring And Its Charismatic Personality

Black flooring will be an ideal choice for people looking for unique, luxurious, and charismatic beauty. Black flooring gives the room a lot of contrast, power, and prestige. You can also use black ceramic tiles to create black flooring, or use an epoxy coating on black concrete, or use black laminates.

There is a variety of flooring such as ceramic, concrete, patterned tiles, natural stone, marble, wood, etc., that you can use. But do not forget that in addition to the strength, durability, and material of these floors, their color and texture also play an essential role in decorating your living environment. So complete your home design by choosing the right color.

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