How To: Maintain Laminate Flooring

How To: Maintain Laminate Flooring

Is laminate flooring difficult to maintain?

One of the advantages of using laminate flooring is its maintenance because, like stones and ceramics, it’s easy to clean and does not require special cleaning and maintenance. Once cleaned, its appearance becomes like the first day. It is enough for very thick and very greasy dirt to quickly clean it with a damp cloth and hot water.

Some important and practical points in maintenance

The maintenance of laminate flooring depends only on the environmental conditions because the laminates have excellent resistance, and the panels installed today are washable. Water penetration into them is very difficult because the necessary substructure that is done before installation greatly increases the lifespan of laminate flooring. You can use ordinary and household detergents to clean the laminates. Just note that they are less acidic because it may damage the wood-based surface layer. The first step is to clean the dust with electrical appliances such as a vacuum cleaner and clean it with a towel or a special steam cleaner.

Fortunately, laminate flooring, like ceramics and stone, is easy to clean. You do not need to use wax or polish to maintain the laminate or to clean and shine. All you need is a damp kitchen towel and some warm water. Of course, it is better to use special laminate flooring detergents, which can be purchased through parquet laminate sellers and some chain stores.

Scratches and Tears

Never pull heavy appliances or heavy or semi-heavy furniture on the surface of the laminates as they will scratch quickly and damage the outer surface of the laminate.

If the laminate flooring or wood parquet is not installed well, there will be a gap or space between them. In this case, water and moisture will penetrate their interior and reduce the lifespan of the flooring.

Use of Detergents

Another critical point is not to use household detergents to clean the laminates as it may damage their surface. If we want to clean and maintain the parquet laminate step by step and in several stages, a vacuum cleaner is the best tool to remove dust from the surface of the laminates in the first stage. Even the use of steam cleaners is not recommended for this purpose. From time to time, try to clean the floor surface of the laminates, and to do this, when sweeping, sweep carefully and gently in the direction of the length of the tiles. But after using it, in the next step, after purchasing the detergent for laminate flooring you can gently rub it on the surface of the laminate floor using the towel and clean it gently. 


Of course, note that the presence of water or other liquids on the laminate flooring between 24 to 72 hours may cause a problem in their appearance. But that does not mean you should be reckless. It is best to carefully clean and dry the outer surface of the laminate in the first few minutes or finally within a couple of hours. 

Removing Stains

In general, you can use the following methods to clean and remove stains and materials that are stuck on the laminate surface:

Grease or oil stains: First, using ice cubes, make the grease collect and ready to be cleaned, then use a plastic spoon to collect them and gently wipe the surface of the laminate floor.

Bloodstains: Wipe with a small amount of glass cleaner and then dry thoroughly with a dry cloth.

Ink stain: Wet a soft cloth that is lightly dampened with laminate detergent and gently wipe the area where the ink is spilled.

Chewing gum: One of the worst things that can happen at home is that the chewing gum falls off and sticks to the floor. But do not worry, the large part of the gum stain can be gently removed by hand or a plastic knife and removed from the laminate flooring, and the rest can be cleaned using a towel or cloth slightly soaked in warm water or Detergents for laminate.

In any case, if you have to do any of the above, please note that you should clean the floor carefully and gently and do not use rough fabrics in any way to avoid damage.

Make your Laminate Floors Last Longer

It is better not to use budget laminate flooring as a floor for busy and crowded spaces because they may have a short life and durability and will soon wear out or become obsolete, although in this case, it is still easy to replace them. 

Also, keep in mind that moisture is the main enemy of parquet and laminate. For this reason, in the past, the use of these floors was not recommended for kitchen and bathroom floors. However, new models have been introduced to the market, which are more resistant to moisture and much higher quality.

And finally, another piece of advice we have to keep your floors clean is to use a rug. Many people may not pay much attention to this, but using a rug can, especially when entering the home, make it easy to remove debris or small particles that have stuck to the sole of the shoe. Therefore, after entering the house, small particles or less dust will enter.

Fortunately, environmentally friendly detergents are now available in stores and malls, which are recommended for those who use laminate flooring in their homes.

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