How To: Increasing The Life Of Laminate Flooring

How To: Increasing The Life Of Laminate Flooring

Comparison of the life of laminate flooring

with other floors

The most common comparison in this field is the comparison of laminate flooring and wood parquet. In short, we can say that laminates have the following advantages over wooden floors:

  • Soundproof
  • Resistant to liquids and moisture
  • Great variety in design and color
  • Convenient repair
  • Compatibility with underfloor heating system
  • Easy to move and reinstall
  • High durability
  • Low installation cost
  • Heat and cold insulation

The second most common comparison is between PVC flooring and laminates. PVC flooring is more resistant to moisture, but laminates are aesthetically superior. PVC floor thicknesses are less than laminates, and there are significant differences during the installation process. Stone flooring also has different designs as opposed to laminate flooring, and in general, they are very different in terms of physical characteristics.

Ways to increase the life of laminate flooring

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your laminate flooring and keep it healthy for a long time.

Abrasion level

Abrasion level is a physical property of which there are three modes: AC3-4-5

AC3 level parquets have the lowest resistance and should be installed in places with low traffic (a small house with 2 to 4 residents). The cost of buying and installing them is low, but they have a shorter lifespan than other levels of abrasion. So if you want the flooring you install to be more resistant to external factors, it is better to choose higher wear classes. Note that if the environment in question has a population greater than the stated amount and the amount of traffic is high, installing flooring with a wear level of 3 only means wasting your money.

Suppose you are thinking of installing laminate flooring for a commercial unit such as a restaurant. In that case, you must use models with a wear level of 5 and a high thickness to withstand the high traffic of people and the accessories that are placed on them.

Care against corrosion and scratches

Corrosion and scratches are the most common problems that may occur for this type of flooring due to user negligence. You have to use different methods to prevent scratches and grooves on the parquet. Home appliances are the main cause of all kinds of lines and scratches on laminates.

You can cover the base of all kinds of home appliances with plastic protectors so that they do not scratch on the surface of the flooring if they are pulled over them. If you own a pet, make sure to clip their nails and trim their paws regularly to prevent them from scratching the surface with their claws. Scratches help moisture and water penetrate the tiles easily. As a result, it will get wet, which will lead to other problems such as bubble formation, cracking, loose tiles, etc.

Many people use carpets and pads to prevent scratches on primary paths at home or work, which is intelligent.

Increase the life of laminate flooring with standard


The level of wear is not the only factor that determines the location of the laminate flooring; other physical characteristics must be considered. In the intended environment, if you use underfloor heating systems, You must use flooring that is able to withstand heat. Otherwise, its lifespan will be reduced to a few months, and the money you have paid will be wasted. In addition, it is better to generally avoid installing these floors in environments that have a high percentage of humidity. If your environment is exposed to sunlight, be sure to use models that are UV resistant.

You must observe all the necessary standards in the installation process to maintain the beauty of the work and prevent possible damages due to improper installation. So be sure to leave the execution of work to experts to install your flooring in the best way. If not installed properly, you could run into problems such as protruding tiles, bubbles under the laminate flooring, and cracking and breaking of varnishes.

Cleaning and sanitizing

Like any other type of flooring, laminate flooring needs to be cleaned and sanitized to maintain its beauty and increase its lifespan. If these floors are not cleaned properly, the dust accumulated on them will cause excellent lines that will destroy the surface layer over time and cause other damage. To maintain laminate flooring, you should clean them in the recommended ways and avoid cleaning them with water and a wet cloth.

If you need advice, contact D&R Flooring so that our experts can help you buy the best laminate flooring.

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