Hardwood Flooring Vs. Laminate, Which Floor Is Better?

Hardwood Flooring Vs. Laminate, Which Floor Is Better?

One of the striking things in the beauty of interior decoration is the flooring. This element protects the floor of the building from various factors and increases its attractiveness.

Floors are made of ceramic, laminate, wood, bamboo, polyurethane, 3D, granular, mosaic, concrete, vinyl, or stone, and according to taste, budget, and interior decoration. They each also have their unique beauty and benefits. Of all these, laminate and wood parquet are among the most popular models that can be seen in the interior design of most homes. In this article, we intend to examine the differences between the two. 

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring has a design and appearance similar to wood parquet and, at first glance, maybe confused with natural wood. In principle, laminate is a type of synthetic wood made of compressed fibers with melamine resin. Melamine resin is a hard material that is used to coat surfaces. This material is made of melamine and formaldehyde and is the primary material in the manufacturing of laminate flooring.

Hardwood Flooring (Wood parquet)

This flooring is made of wood such as beech, cherry, and oak, and after installation on the floor, it must be sanded and polished. Then you have to apply varnish or gloss on it. Wood parquet is 100% natural and is considered as sound and heat insulation. Due to this property, being insulated in winter prevents the floor from cooling down. This type of flooring has an exquisite appearance and long life. If wood flooring is maintained and cared for, its beauty can be enjoyed for years.

Differences between laminate flooring and Hardwood Flooring

You can install laminate flooring without causing any damage to the floor of the room. No glue is used in the installation of laminate flooring, but glue in the installation of wood parquet causes damage to the floor of the building.

Laminate panels are locked together, but the installation of wood parquet is done by using glue, nails, clicks, crutches, and tabs.

Laminate flooring can be removed from the floor after a while and installed elsewhere, but wood parquet can not be easily removed from the floor and installed elsewhere due to the adhesive used during installation.

Laminate flooring can be used after installation with minor cleaning and does not need to be varnished and polished. But on the contrary, wood parquet must be sanded and varnished, then used.

Wood parquet has a unique and natural color and design, but laminate flooring does not have the beauty and natural aesthetics of Hardwood Flooring.

The woods used in wood parquet can return to the environment and do not harm the environment in any way, but the laminates do not easily return to the cycle of nature due to the materials used in their structure.

The speed of installation and execution of laminate flooring is very high compared to wood parquet.

Laminate flooring can be replaced in case of damage and can be replaced with another laminate, but if wood parquet is damaged, it must be sanded and repaired; it can not be moved or removed.

Parquet is made of natural wood, but laminate is human-made. Laminate parquet is cheaper than wood parquet. Laminate flooring has a greater resistance to moisture than Hardwood Flooring. Laminate flooring is more manageable and more comfortable to maintain and care for than Hardwood Flooring.

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