Flooring Ideas for Smaller Spaces

Flooring Ideas for Smaller Spaces

In recent years, many factors have caused homes to shrink. Population growth, lack of construction space, rising prices, and many other factors have forced people to live in small apartments and houses. If you have ever lived in a small house, you know how much the lack of space affects your mood. However, with a few tips, you can change the atmosphere of your home.

Designing interior decorations in small places is difficult; because if you don’t follow some principles to make the house space look wider, it will seem smaller than it really is. But with a few tweaks, a small home can look more spacious. Tiny, closed, and crowded houses cause boredom, mental confusion, and fatigue. If you want to have an open space and feel good in your small home, you need to learn some necessary points about decorating tiny houses.

Floor covering is one of the most important things to consider. Your home may have a large area or infrastructure or a small one. However, one of the most important things you can do to improve your environment or renovate is: choosing the right floor covering. The flooring with which you want to carpet your house can make your home decoration classic or modern. In this article, we examine the properties of flooring suitable for small environments.


The floor color shows the owner’s personality and can also create the mood and feel of the room.  In general, colder colors make the place look larger, and warmer colors make the space look smaller. If you like dark colors, there is no problem, because you can use bright colors for walls and furniture to compensate for the floor’s darkness. The contrast of brightness and color that is created makes the home environment more beautiful. 

Very dark floor colors close to black easily complement bright and neutral walls, which may show a beautiful color combination. Remember, if you want to use cooler colors for the floor, choose a color similar to the walls to reduce the contrast between colors. Also, the visual error effect prevents the line between the wall and floor from being detected. Doing so will make the place look larger.

Remember that bright colors reflect more light, thus making the space more cheerful. That is why we suggest you pay more attention to bright colors.

If you are going to spread a carpet on the floor, make sure that if the floor’s color is dark, the carpet’s color should be bright, and vice versa.

When buying, pay attention to the size of the carpet. Carpets that are too small make spaces look smaller. The carpet should cover the floor, at least under the sofas. 

The space between the carpets and the emptiness between them will make the house look bigger.

Dark parquet with light walls and ceiling makes the room look wider.

A room with a dark floor and ceilings and light walls looks widespread with a shorter ceiling.

If the ceiling is bright, but the walls and floor are dark, you feel like you live in a basement. Because light only shines from above.

Beige and cream-yellow flooring makes light and dark areas brighter and happier and is more soothing to the eye.

Hazel flooring is one of the warm and harmonious colors and creates an intimate atmosphere.

Brown flooring creates a sense of connection with the earth and nature and will be more beautiful with light furniture.

Beige-white flooring creates a feeling of freshness and cleanliness and brightens the room.

Dark gray flooring is neutral, stylish, and soothing.

If you are hesitant between light and dark flooring and have found yourself lost, go for the middle of these two spectrums.

Wooden flooring, which has a color in the middle of the spectrum, does not fall into the dark or light. So, it can help you breathe easily and save yourself the headache; because you will enjoy the benefits of both light and dark, relatively without getting involved in their problems.


Using simple designs for flooring shows the space more open. If you have two rooms close to each other, use a single floor plan for both.

Also, to make the house look bigger, use the same type and design of flooring for the whole of it. Remember that the flooring’s textures and patterns play a significant role in making your house beautiful and will convey a feeling of calmness.

Therefore, it is better to use types that have repetitive patterns inside them.

The bedroom is one of the most important places in the house; you are supposed to rest and regain your lost energy and relaxation during the day there.

Create an Illusion

Interior decoration designers create a visual error, making the house look more spacious, and install flooring parallel to the longest wall. It is also helpful to use parquets that are oblique to the walls.

Note 1: Notice that the diagonal installation of parquet has more waste compared to other installation modes.

Note 2: If carpet covers a large area of your floor, you do not need to be strict about how you install the parquet.

Matte or Glossy

Another point that you should notice in the decoration of small houses is not attracting people’s attention to the size of the place. So, to reduce people’s attention to the room’s small space, it is better not to use glossy parquet and use matte instead.

In conclusion

In general, to make the house look bigger, remember the following points when preparing the flooring.

  • Use cool colors
  • Bright colors reflect more light, so the house is brighter and more inviting.
  • If the wall and floor have the same color, the border between the wall and ground will disappear, and the house will be seen wider by creating a visual error.
  • Placing the flooring panels parallel or diagonal to the longest wall creates a visual error and makes the room appear larger.
  • Use simple and identical designs for all the rooms of your house. 
  • To make your floor look simpler, use narrow flooring.
  • If you use parquet, use a matte one.
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