Design Tips for Hardwood flooring and refinishing

Design Tips for Hardwood flooring and refinishing

Hardwood floors are renowned for their incomparable beauty and the ability to last for over a century if properly managed. However, over a while, these beautiful floors can lose their lustre and start showing scratches all around. These scratches happen mostly on wooden floors that deal with a large amount of foot traffic or pets regularly. Luckily, the homeowners need not worry because unlike other flooring types, hardwood floors are capable of making a comeback. 

Within its lifespan, a hardwood floor can withstand as many as ten to twelve jobs of complete sanding and refinish. On the other hand, depending on the hardwood veneer’s thickness, engineered wood flooring can’t be refinished more than once or twice.

Understanding Hardwood Floor Refinishing  

Hardwood floors do not remain beautiful on their own unless they are brand new. Protecting these floors from regular usage requires a coat of finishing products. The process of refinishing involves removal of the existing finishing layer and reapplication of a new coat to protect the floor and make it look as good as new. A sanding tool is used to remove the existing layer of finishing product. Sanding is essential even if the floor doesn’t have any finish applied. In order To ensure complete bonding, the finished products should not be added to the floor without sanding.

Please remember that refinishing is only effective if the hardwood flooring is not excessively damaged. The refinishing process will not fix problems such as buckled boards, deep gouges, and broken planks. If your hardwood floor has any of these issues, consider replacing the flooring instead of just refinishing it. 

Types of Hardwood Floor Finishes

Water-based, acid-cured, and polyurethane are the three major types of hardwood floor refinishing. Though very economical, the water-based finishes are least durable amongst the three options. Polyurethane finish is the most popular one because it provides a durable finish without causing much hassle. Acid-cured finishes also last for a long time. However, this option is rarely used because the application process is complicated and even dangerous. Several different brands are available for each of these types of refinishes. Carry out extensive research to ensure that your refinishing project delivers its objective.

Things Needed to Refinish a Hardwood Floor

If you are looking to complete your refinishing project on your own, you would require an orbital sander, a small sander, vacuum machine, sanding or varnishing equipment, and the refinishing product. Also, please remember that this task can be too dusty and noisy. Therefore, before getting started, make sure to protect yourself by using dust masks, goggles, and ear protection.

Hardwood Flooring Design Tips

Here you can find just a few decorating ideas to help you decide what hardwood flooring options fit you best based on your interior design, lifestyle, furnishings and personal preferences.

Making your floor the focal point of your house

Lighting can add dimension and depth to any room with, light-coloured walls and furniture, by complementing the interior of the room with a dark, premium hardwood floor with small graining variations. You can choose an exotic wood species, American hickory or a hand-scraped hardwood floor with a dark stain to make the floor stand out and pop.

Clean and bright

Using a natural coloured hardwood floor can brighten up a room that has darker coloured walls and furnishings. It will also make the room look like it is bigger and more open. Maple, natural white oak and other less grainy hardwoods are the best choices for these kinds of decors.

Create a unique look

You can find exotic hardwoods in a wide range of colours, grains and textures and add a very distinct visual appeal to any interior décor. Exotic hardwoods like Brazilian Cherry, Ipe, African Wenge, Santos Mahogany and Tigerwood offer homeowners a new way to give the room a specific mood.

Hand-made appearance

Famous choice homeowners make today is using a hand-scraped hardwood floor or wire-brushed wood that gives a unique hand-made appearance. These floors look like the reclaimed floors that have lots of character markings, but they have today’s superior finish for ease of cleaning and sturdiness.

Adding a border for accent

Another way to add a distinctive feel to a room with hardwood flooring is to use a wood border. Borders are used to accent the flooring and give a plain hardwood floor a more sophisticated appearance.

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