All You need to know: Luxury Vinyl Flooring

All You need to know: Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Flooring is a type of vinyl flooring with an appearance very similar to stone, wood, or ceramic. In addition to having a very similar appearance and very high quality of the mentioned materials, texture and roughness are pretty identical to the original material. For example, Luxury Vinyl Flooring is similar to wood in appearance, not only in color and design but also by simulating the wood surface’s knots and texture.

About 40 years have passed since Luxury Vinyl Flooring’s invention, and these floors have been greatly diversified and developed. LVF has a unique variety in design, dimension, and appearance; it covers everything from leather to natural stone and wood. The wide variety of designs, colors, sizes, and technical specifications of this flooring, has caused Luxury Vinyl Flooring to be considered versatile flooring. LVF can be installed anywhere from museums and high traffic areas to kitchens and basements.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Structure

Luxury Vinyl Flooring, like any other vinyl flooring, has a multi-layered structure. But what makes LVF structurally different from other vinyl floorings is the quality of the patterned layer or the printed layer, which is much higher here. The texture on the printed layer creates an authentic feeling in the flooring.

Durability of design and texture in Luxury Vinyl Flooring

One of the consumers’ concerns about Luxury Vinyl Flooring is the durability of the design and texture of these floors. In LVF, a protective layer, which is generally made of polyurethane, protects the underlying layers against scratches and ensures the resistance of these floors against other damages. The presence of this layer of polyurethane and the compressed central layer in LVF puts this flooring in the category of very durable flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring and Laminate Flooring

One of the questions in many people’s minds is whether Luxury Vinyl Flooring is the same as Laminate Flooring? This mistake and misconception are due to the multi-layer structure and the so-called composite structure of these floors. Although vinyl flooring (both standard and luxury) is just like laminate flooring, in its multi-layered structure, these two floors are not the same. 

Vinyl flooring is a floor with a central layer of PVC, which is why vinyl flooring is sometimes referred to as PVC flooring, but laminate flooring has a wooden structure. The core layer in all laminate flooring is made of compressed wood such as HDF, HPL, etc.

Water resistance

One of the essential features of Luxury Vinyl Flooring is its resistance to water and moisture. Of course, moisture resistance includes all types of vinyl flooring. For this reason, vinyl flooring and LVF are suitable floorings for use in areas with humid climates and humid spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms. (If you use vinyl flooring in the bathroom, be sure to pay attention to the resistance of these floors to slipping) In addition to being resistant to moisture, LVF can also create a completely waterproof layer, and if properly implemented, can efficiently act as a humidity Insulator.

Maintenance of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Easy and comfortable maintenance is one of the key features of Luxury Vinyl Flooring. You can easily wash these floors. Also, the presence of a protective layer on the surface of this flooring makes LVF resistant to scratches, and cleaning it has become an effortless task. Another interesting point about Luxury Vinyl Flooring is that there is no need to use wax or varnish to care for and maintain these floors.

Due to the protective layer on the surface of luxury vinyl flooring, this flooring is suitable for use in spaces where pets are kept; it is also reasonably practical and justifiable.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring, flooring suitable for home

Luxury Vinyl Flooring offers you many options for use in all environments, and at the same time, they are a very suitable option for use in homes and residential spaces. A wide variety of designs and colors, easy cleaning, and high durability are all factors that make this flooring a suitable option for use in your home.

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