All You Need To Know: Harbinger™ Floors

All You Need To Know: Harbinger™ Floors

When it comes to quality flooring, the name Harbinger™ is very hard to miss. Harbinger flooring is a brand of engineered Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVF) manufactured in Northern America. Harbinger™ is the leading manufacturer in the vinyl flooring market in Canada. Manufactured with 4S technology, Harbinger™ is indistinguishable from natural wood or stone.

At D&R Flooring, we endorse the Harbinger™ brand because of its impeccable quality, immense durability, attention to detail, and Eco-friendliness. Harbinger™ thrives on its incredible resemblance to natural wood and stone in style and durability while needing very little maintenance and providing higher performance.

It is hard for any consumer to decide which brand to spend their hard-earned money on amongst all the different brands and types out there. That is the reason we are here to help you understand why Harbinger™ might be the best choice for you.

4S Technology

We have already mentioned that all Harbinger™ Vinyl Floorings are manufactured using the 4S technology, but what is it? Well, the 4Ss stand for Superior Durability, Scuff Resistance, Stain Resistance, and Scratch Protection. 4S technology means after installing Harbinger™ floor planks, you need not worry about anything damaging them.


With pollution and global climate change being one the most vital issues the international community is facing today, Harbinger™ Floors has taken all measures to produce environmentally sustainable products that can last longer and cause no harm to our world. Harbinger™ has earned the LEED V4 certificate from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Harbinger™ Floors are made of 60% recycled material and are 100% recyclable. While producing ultra-low VOC, Volatile Organic Compounds, Harbinger™ Floors uses the S600 Adhesive in their manufacturing process, inhibiting the growth of various molds and bacteria, creating an extra line of defense.

VOC are the compounds that are emitted from everyday objects surrounding us in our homes or workplace. These compounds can cause harm to consumers and the world if they are emitted in high amounts for long periods. Harbinger™ floor panels meet the requirements of the LEED program, which means there is no need to worry about

your loved ones or the monsters under your floors.

Installation and Maintenance

Harbinger™ floor planks are very easy to install. They require no glue and are installed by a straightforward and efficient click-lock system. This sort of installation can be done by yourself at home, but we advise you to get the help of a professional to do the job. Harbinger™ floors are also waterproof, so if water or other liquids pour on them, you don’t have to be concerned. Just quickly grab a dry cloth and scoop it up.

Harbinger™ offers a quick and easy guide into the maintenance of its products. Because of the 4S technology used in the manufacturing process of these floors, their maintenance isn’t a heavy, time-consuming, and sophisticated process. In fact, it is rather the opposite. The company provides customers with a few precautions to not damage the floors and a few suggestions to help the floors last even longer.


Most of the time, the warranty duration of a product correlates directly to the quality: the better the quality, the more extended the warranty. Harbinger™ products come with a lifetime warranty for residential use and 20 years for commercial use. This extent of warranty shows the trust of the company in its products.

Harbinger™ floors ensure superior durability with its heavy commercial wear layer, which with its lower need for maintenance and higher wear resistance, is vital for commercial use. These floors are also suitable for buildings that use underground radiant heating systems.


When it comes to Luxury Vinyl Floorings, there is no limit to variations to choose from. That is also the case with Harbinger™ floorings. Harbinger™ offers a wide variety of products that closely imitate the natural beauty of the materials, which inspire its designs—wood or stone in many different colors, shades, and sizes.

Additionally, Harbinger™ floors are certified Condo Quiet, meaning no squeaks or creeks or crackles. They are soft and warm underfoot, so they will always feel cozy and comfortable wherever you step.

At D&R Floorings, we consider Harbinger™ Floors one of the best products in the market, which is why we endorse them and offer their products to our customers. Their use of mindful materials, lifetime warranty, extreme durability, flawless design and production, and affordable prices is why we are proud of working with them. We sincerely hope you consider using this product for your comfort in everyday life.

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