All You Need To Know: Floortek Floorings

All You Need To Know: Floortek Floorings

Floortek Floorings is a Vancouver-based company that began its work in 2002. They first started by producing carpet floorings, and following strong success in that area, they began producing engineered hardwood floors. Floortek is part of the HYBC industries and is now one of the best flooring companies in Canada. 

Floortek offers you a variety of floorings in different shapes, colors, and sizes. But perhaps the best way to talk about their products is to put them in categories first.

  • Engineered Hardwood
  • Laminate
  • Vinyl
    • Luxury Vinyl Planks
    • SPC – Engineered Tile
    • SPC
  • Carpet

Floortek was so well-received in the market that by 2013 their vinyl floors, having swept the nation by storm, had three different categories with more than 50 different colors and designs. To learn more about the differences between these categories, check out our 2-part article on Introduction To All Types of Flooring.

Floortek products

Engineered Hardwood Floors

Natural wood has many upsides, like its general feel and its beautiful color and texture. Unfortunately, it also has many downsides. It isn’t durable for scratches or dents, it isn’t water-resistant to any measure, and it could help grow some unwanted monsters inside. On the other hand, engineered wood has taken hardwood floors to an entirely different level. 

Keeping all the pros of natural wood and throwing out all the cons, engineered wood is impeccable in resembling natural wood. In addition, it is durable and resistant to scratches, plus it’s water-resistant.  

Ar D&R Flooring we have the following Floortek Engineered hardwood flooring options available:

FloorTek-Engineered Hardwood-Adventurer
FloorTek-Engineered Hardwood-Moongaze
FloorTek-Engineered Hardwood-Primitive
FloorTek-Engineered Hardwood-Supernova
FloorTek-Engineered Hardwood-Plateau
FloorTek-Engineered Hardwood-Tauri
FloorTek-Engineered Hardwood-Mars
FloorTek-Engineered Hardwood-Venus
FloorTek-Engineered Hardwood-Ecru
FloorTek-Engineered Hardwood-Plum
FloorTek-Engineered Hardwood-Colwood
FloorTek-Engineered Hardwood-Serenity
FloorTek-Engineered Hardwood-Syrup
FloorTek-Engineered Hardwood-Ashes
FloorTek-Engineered Hardwood-Hazelnut
FloorTek-Engineered Hardwood-Honey
FloorTek-Engineered Hardwood-Caesars Palace

Laminate Floors

At D&R Flooring, we believe that Floortek is one of the leading brands in the business, and so we endorse their product and offer their services. Floortek Laminate floors are no exception. With a lifespan of 15 to 25 years, this multi-layered floor comes in various colors and textures that highly resemble natural wood.

Laminate Flooring may not be as well-crafted as Engineered Hardwood, but when it comes to the reconstruction budget, Laminate floors give your house or office a chic look without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Vinyl Floors

Just like all their products, Floortek Floorings produces high-quality Vinyl Flooring. Your best choice against water, Vinyl is the most suitable option for bathroom or kitchen flooring. Floortek offers Vinyl in three categories of Luxury Vinyl, SPC – Engineered, and SPC. 

Luxury Vinyl gives you the most resemblance to natural hardwood. It is also created by putting different layers together, which helps with its durability and maintenance. SPC and SPC Engineered are Stone Plastic Composite Vinyl floorings that are unlike any other flooring types in durability. These floor panels are created using high-end technologies, and they best resemble natural wood or stone.

Carpet Floors

As we mentioned before, Floortek started in 2002 by producing carpet floors. So it only makes sense that they are currently one of the forerunners in the country in that area, selling their products from coast to coast. 

Floortek offers a wide range of carpets, from classic, sophisticated styles and patterns to more modern and simple designs. While we provide all their products on D&R Flooring, we can’t help advising you to give your house a more complex atmosphere by ordering yourself a classic rug.

Floortek Services

We are proud to be working closely with HYBC industries Inc. and offer their products and services to our customers. Floortek provides a 30-year warranty for the private or residential use of its Laminate floors. They also offer a 5-year warranty for the commercial use of their products.

However, for their Vinyl Floors, Floortek offers a lifetime warranty for private use and a 10-year warranty for light commercial use. For the Engineered Hardwood Floors, Floortek provides a 25-year residential wear warranty with no commercial warranty, which tells you Engineered Hardwood is not the best floor to use in your office or commercial building.

Floortek products are FloorScore® certified, meaning they are approved by the Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI) and are also qualified for many international green building schemes, including LEED v4 WELL, BREEAM, CHPS, and Green Globes. So rest assured that if you use their products in your house, you wouldn’t have to worry about destroying your environment.

Moreover, Floortek products are also Cradle to Cradle Certified®. Cradle to Cradle ensures that all these products help shape a sustainable and circular economy. So by purchasing their items, not only do you support the company, but you also support thousands of local jobs and businesses that help these products be produced.

Another stamp of approval that you would see on Floortek products is the CARB2 certified seal. CARB (California Air Resources Board) is a second step that Floortek takes to ensure a safe home environment for you and your family. CARB2 certified products help reduce formaldehyde emissions and protect you from the harmful effects of air pollution.

At D&R Flooring, we thrive on gaining more trust from our beloved customers, which means we offer what we believe is the best product for you. Floortek is a leading brand in quality flooring, and we are proud to be working with them.

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