3 Simple Ways To Test Waterproof Laminate Flooring

3 Simple Ways To Test Waterproof Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a beautiful and modern type of floor that is insulated against sound and heat. This feature has led to the use of laminate flooring in the interior decoration of many luxury homes. Meanwhile, some families are a little hesitant to install laminate flooring, and this is due to the lack of knowledge about the waterproofing quality. Especially families with small children are much more cautious in this regard.

The Best types of laminate flooring have high water resistance and are an excellent choice for home installation. However, determining the waterproofness of laminate flooring is not an easy task, and just by looking at the planks, you can not be sure that the laminate flooring is waterproof. In this article, a simple solution to diagnose laminate flooring is introduced, which you can try before installing laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring consists of a thick compact HDF (High-Density Fiberboard) layer and has a wood-like texture. In this way, the presence of water on laminate flooring causes damage and swelling. The Best types of laminate flooring have a protective layer and can retain water and moisture for up to 48 hours, also known as the waterproof laminate flooring. This feature makes them the best flooring for residential homes. Due to various stores’ different laminate flooring brands, it is impossible to distinguish regular laminate flooring from waterproof by its appearance. If you are planning to buy waterproof laminate flooring, try these ways to find the right ones:

1- Detection of waterproof laminate

flooring by scratching

By pulling the edge of the nail on the waterproof laminate flooring plank, a layer of greasy substance accumulates under the nail, which is not removed by regular washing with water. If poor quality materials are used to waterproof the laminate flooring, the floor surface will be damaged, and its waterproof property will not be permanent. This test is a simple way to determine if the laminate flooring is waterproof; you can do this even before buying. 

Of course, some people try to scratch the parquet with a key and a knife, which is not logical. This product is damaged against sharp objects, but you can gently scratch the laminate with your fingernails. The goal is to notice the wax on the work and not to damage the floor.

2- Detection of waterproof laminate

flooring with sunlight

Non-standard materials used to waterproof laminate flooring are not of good quality and are sensitive to heat. To determine if the laminate flooring is waterproof, place a tile in the sun with a temperature of more than 35 to 40 degrees Celsius and see the result the next day. The tile must be in direct sunlight for one or two days to have a good impact.

If the plank changes color or changes state, it is substandard and not of good quality. In this case, it has very little resistance to moisture and water. Sometimes this discoloration is only seen at the edges. In this way, the edges start to change color, and the rest of the plank changes color a lot. 

3- Detection of waterproof laminate flooring with a

bucket of water

Place a tile entirely in the bucket of water and remove it immediately. By seeing water droplets repelled from the surface of the planks, you can realize that it is waterproof. Now put the same plank in water for 24 hours and let it dry. After it is scorched, submerge it again for a second, like the first time. If water droplets were seen repelled from the surface like the first time, it is good to be waterproof.

Of course, these tests are of no use after purchase. Determining whether laminate flooring is waterproof is for when it will help you in your choice. If you can, buy a single plank and test the laminate flooring on the same tile. But sellers usually do not sell single planks. These products are sold in multiple packages. So in practice, you may not be able to do these tests before you buy.

Tip: One way to tell if laminate flooring is waterproof is to buy it from reputable stores. Always buy interior decoration accessories and laminate flooring from reputable stores and centers to ensure quality and standard.

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