10 Flooring Tips, Tricks and concepts to remodel Your Home

10 Flooring Tips, Tricks and concepts to remodel Your Home

Flooring could be a significant consideration in any home; it can set the tone of the room, inject personality and be a point of attraction while providing comfort underfoot. Innovative designs, mean that flooring not only provides the backdrop to a room; it can now be the centre of attention.

What are the flooring types?

Flooring types have come a long way from merely choosing between carpet and floorboards. Now, there’s a large number of attractive and sturdy materials which can add the wow-factor and supply comfort.

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Chemical interaction between two polymers creates Resin, which, when combined, ‘fuses’ with concrete, making one seamless layer. The results are a hard floor which is additionally slip-resistant.


Vinyl is rapidly overtaking linoleum as a beautiful and practical flooring choice. Vinyl is additionally slip-resistant and provides a hotter touch underfoot than stone or ceramic tile flooring.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is one amongst the most popular flooring trends because it fits the ever-popular vintage brief perfectly. Reclaimed wood flooring can come from all sorts of sources like old wine crates, gym floors, former retail flooring or perhaps wooden pallets. one of the foremost popular styles of reclaimed flooring is parquet which usually comes from gyms or schools.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are the classic flooring choice. During Victorian times after they were first mass-produced,  these tiles were used mainly in hallways, bathrooms and kitchens, but in today’s interior design, you can use them any way you want.

Tips For Better Flooring

Always order a minimum of 10% more than is required for your house.

Having insufficient supplies ready for your installer may cause the installers to charge more money to go and get more flooring. Therefore, having more materials than needed will save time and money.

Create continuity between outside and indoor space for your rooms seem bigger

If you have got patio doors or bi-fold doors, flooring is crucial in ensuring continuity between your garden and your interior. Use decking outside, and wooden boards inside and make sure they point the same way.

Even with closed doors, having similar flooring on your patio and your lounge will give the sense of the space being “projected” through the glass and make the inner area seem much larger.

Even if the materials used are different, or the colours don’t match, the alignment of the boards will help create a form of flow.

Use ceramic tiles that resemble wood if you don’t desire a wood floor.

Suppose you don’t want wooden floors in your interior. In this case, there are ceramic tiles available that give the feel of wooden boards but are available in several colours to feature a pop of personality to the interiors.

You can match other patterns of flooring also as the elongated look of floorboards and decking. Parquet flooring inside the house, which lies in a square pattern, are often replicated outside the house with patio stones laid in a very similar way. Despite the fact that the materials are different, a similar design would be enough to create a connection between both spaces.

Engineered Wood is More Durable.

You might have heard about ‘engineered wood.’ Engineered wood isn’t strictly a hardwood option, but it does offer strength and sturdiness. It is a coated amalgamate with multiple layers of wood and epoxy. The overlying layer is hardwood or another decorative wood option.

Unfortunately, some parts of people’s homes aren’t can’t have solid hardwood flooring due to moisture. For people who want the gorgeous look of a hardwood floor in a part that’s too moist, engineered wood offers an excellent alternative that won’t warp. Engineered wood is real wood that uses different types of wood veneers within the manufacturing process.

Use vinyl (or even grass!) To Bring the Outside In

Strategically placing plants inside the house is the obvious solution to bring the outside indoors, but you’ll be able to enhance this further with the help of flooring. Vinyl flooring inside the house, which has elements of the great outdoors can help create a seamless flow between outdoors and indoors.

Get a Classic vibe with Monochrome Tiles

Classical interior design takes its influence from Europe’s grand homes, which match dark wood furniture covered in opulent fabrics with classic heritage paints and patterned ceramic tile floors.

Patterns in monochrome are a perfect choice if you like a more traditional look taken from the Victorian age. Black and white (or grey and cream) are a preferred choice for kitchens and lend themselves pretty well to modern interiors also.

To inject a Mediterranean twist to space in your house, you could also use coloured tiles with classic patterns and shades inspired by the country kitchens of Italy and Spain.

Make your hardwood floors pet-proof.

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Did you know that not all sorts of hardwood floors are pet-friendly? It’s essential to go with a minimum of three coats of urethane or polyurethane over the woodwork finish to stop your pet from scratching the wood.

Use Reclaimed Flooring to induce a Shaker Style.

Wooden floors have always been a popular choice and with good reason, as they’re attractive and add a true feeling of cosiness to the house. The present trend in wooden floors is to use reclaimed wood which may come from a variety of sources. This process is good for the environment, but reclaimed flooring may also add a unique look to the house as no two floors will ever be alike. For a gorgeous Shaker-style look, reclaimed wood with driftwood inspired finish.

If you don’t want to alter your entire floor, then you could transform floorboards with a little paint and still embrace the Shaker style. Bare white floorboards can instantly lift a room and if these appear to be it would be a bit dull, then add a small number of various colours to focus on specific areas like fireplaces or maybe paint a rug effect onto the ground.

If you decide on two tile colours, it can look more decorative.

One of the most significant aspects of tile is how easy it is to make intricate designs and patterns. By simply choosing a second colour tile to mix in, your room will have added interest.

For depth of colour and natural appeal, nothing beats stone tile. Granite, marble and slate are all the buzz these days, and though they need more maintenance than others, the rich appearance of natural stone is unmistakable.

Porcelain is among the most robust tile materials available on the market. It’s usually a bargain, too. It is typically more cost-effective than natural stone but is lighter and more robust (and less susceptible to cracking) than stone. It’s also a stain-resistant option.

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Do it Yourself

Are you searching for a genuinely unique look? Then maybe you should dig out your toolbox. These days, the trend for customisation has spread to flooring and personalising your floors with a bit DIY could be a guaranteed way to create the wow factor in your home. There’s a large number of ideas and tutorials online to inspire you. Give your room the glamorous makeover with a glittery gold concrete floor.

Professional Installation

If you have decided not to do it yourself, D&R Flooring provides professional installation service in the Langley and surrounding areas, feel free to Contact us for more information.

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