How To: Cleaning Scratches Off Laminate Floors

How To: Cleaning Scratches Off Laminate Floors

Scratches on the laminate make the flooring look old. These small lines and scratches affect even the interior decoration. The floor of the building is one of the primary and large surfaces that is completely visible in the closed space of the building. It costs a lot to replace the floor, but you can eliminate these awkward scratches. You need to have a little care and patience to clean the scratches on laminate floors. It does not take much time, but it certainly requires a lot of care. If you are a delicate and precise person, join us to remove all the lines and scratches on the floor surface.

Laminate scratch cleaning instruction with

the lowest cost

Laminate is cheaper than wood flooring. The beauty and variety of designs and colors of laminate attract attention. Laminate floors have a much higher resistance against stains, pollution, and weather conditions than wood. Newer products have a protective and scratch-resistant coating and are largely scratch-resistant.

The method of care and maintenance of laminate floors is easy, but sometimes the floor is damaged due to ignoring the principles of proper care. Dust particles, dragging heavy furniture and appliances on the floor, dropping heavy objects, etc., cause surface scratches on laminate. You can prevent such a problem with a bit of care. If there are scratches on the laminate surface, perform the following simple tricks to remove them:

Wipe the laminate scratches with overlay pens

Laminate floor repair kits are sold in the market and include all the materials you need to remove scratches on the floor surface. When buying, make sure that the laminate color is the same as the color of the kit. If you do not have this kit, use another guaranteed method. There are magic pencils and filling pencils in various colors. The color of the marker should match the one of the laminate. If the floor of your house is covered with laminate flooring, you will need one of these pencils.

Always have a laminate-colored overlay pen at home, especially if you keep pets or have a naughty and playful child at home, you definitely need these fixers. How to work with this pencil is very simple. First, clean the scratched area of ​​the laminate. Next, use a moist cloth to clean the laminate. Wait until the laminate surface is completely dry. Then carefully draw the pencil on the scratch area. You may need to fill in the scratches 2 or 3 times with the pencil. Keep doing this until the lines and scratches are indistinguishable.

Eliminate surface scratches of laminate with crayons

There are more straightforward ways to remove laminate scratches. You can also use stick wax to remove all the lines and scratches on the floor. How to work with this wax is a little difficult for people who have no experience. But there is a cheaper and more straightforward way, which is excellent for beginners.

You can use crayons to erase scratches on laminate flooring and fill in surface scratches. To do this, you have to melt the crayons. First, unwrap the paper around the crayons, then slice the crayons with a knife or grater. Then pour the sliced ​​bits into a metal container and place them over boiling water. Water vapor causes the crayon to melt and liquefy.

You can now use this crayon to fill in the scratches and minor dents on the laminate. The crayons must be the same color. To make the work smooth, be sure to use a crayon with a suitable color spectrum. If you can not find the exact color, you can use a crayon with a darker degree.

Walnut is the natural dye for laminate

Use walnuts to remove scratches on the laminate. Walnut contains natural oil and creates a dark brown color on the floor. The process of painting the scratch area with walnut is straightforward, but this method only works on tiny scratches. You can do this if the scratch does not cause a dent. Break a walnut, peel it and press the walnut directly on the damaged and scratched laminate. Doing so removes the walnut oil and repairs the scratch.

Clean the laminate scratches with colored putty

This method is used for slightly deeper scratches. Colored putties are sold ready-made. Choose a color that fits the floor and fill in the scratches. You can do it with simple putties, but you must add a little paint to it. Use a spatula to fill deep scratches with putty. Before the putty dries, you must do the work and remove the excess putty. After the putty dries, clean the damaged area with soft sandpaper. In this way, the extra putties will be removed, and the damaged surfaces will be completely level.

Working with putty requires a little care and attention. Keep in mind that this method is suitable for deeper scratches. But it does not mean deep cracks and crevices on the floor. If part of the laminate surface is broken due to impact from falling heavy objects, you can not repair it with putty. In this case, you can only replace the damaged plank with a plank of the same color and harmony.

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