All You Need To Know: AquaFix Flooring

All You Need To Know: AquaFix Flooring

Searching for a perfect type of flooring can be very intimidating to us all. With all the names, brands, and specs out there in the world, it is very easy to be confused and make the wrong choice. But it’s okay; we are here to make sure you get the product you want. For more information about all the different types of flooring, visit our complete guide to flooring.

This article wants to talk about AquaFix, a specific type of Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVF). AquaFix SPC vinyl flooring planks are 100% waterproof flooring panels that are incredibly suitable for use in wet and humid areas such as a bathroom, sauna, or even swimming pools (of course not inside the pool itself).

There are many advantages to using the AquaFix brand in your home or building; here are some of them.


The most significant differentiating factor to AquaFix flooring panels is its water resistance. These planks are 100% waterproof which is a very unique and important feature in flooring. Water is the biggest enemy to most types of floorings, giving the owner a lot of headache having to protect the floors against it or change the planks every time water damages them. With AquaFix, you don’t need to worry about water anymore.

Easy installation

Like most vinyl floors, AquaFix floors are also effortless to install and therefore are more affordable. With 4-sided micro bevels and an easy fold-down interlocking system, these floor panels need no adhesive and can quickly be locked into each other. Installing these panels can be done by yourself, but we still recommend getting professional help to be safe.


AquaFix floor panels are eco-friendly in numerous ways. Formaldehyde-Free, Ultra-Low VOC, and they are pet welcome. But what do these mean? Well, simply put, Formaldehyde is what the burning or oxidation of carbon compounds creates. Formaldehyde-free means none of that has happened in the manufacturing process of AquaFix floor planks.

Ultra-low VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds are what is emitted from the everyday objects around us. VOC pollutes the air around us and can be dangerous in high amounts over a long period. AquaFix Floors produce ultra-low VOCs. In fact, they have the highest score (grade A+) from the international institute of interior emissions in France.

Pet Welcome is something most of us look for when deciding on what flooring we want to have installed in our house. Most of us have dogs or cats or even birds in our household, and we wouldn’t want them to damage the floorings or for the floorings to cause any harm to our beloved pets. Well, AquaFix Flooring panels have that covered too. The UV layer and Wear layer on top of every panel ensure no damage whatsoever, whether by sunlight or scratches, or impact.

Usability and Affordability

As we mentioned before, AquaFix floors are very straightforward to install, which makes them pretty affordable. However, there’s more to that. You can also install these types of floorings over an under-floor heating system. Meaning if your house already has underfloor heating and you’d like to install new floors, you can safely go with the AquaFix floors and rest your mind that you have done no wrong.

You have to install an underlying layer under the floor panels with all floorings to insulate them from heat, sound, and moisture. AquaFix panels already have that underlay layer installed on every single panel, making them even more affordable and easy to install and use.

Most floorings that resemble wood don’t feel like natural wood under your feet, but that is not the case with AquaFix Floors. The light brushed texture embossed surface on these floors gives you a genuine feeling of real wood to the touch. This embossed surface also helps prevent slippage, which is very handy in places like the bathroom or kitchen.


Needless to say, AquaFix floors come in many different textures and colors, so there is definitely a style out there that suits your taste the most. Here at D&R Flooring, we offer one the most extensive collections of AquaFix Floorings with a wide variety and very affordable prices, plus a Lifetime residential warranty for your home and ten years of commercial warranty for your office or business.

So if you’re looking for a very articulate flooring that very closely imitates natural wood and can be used in wet or humid areas, plus being pet friendly and has positive effects on climate control and doesn’t tear into your pocket, then look no further. AquaFix has got it all covered.

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