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    Home's Pro Floorings 24Aug

    All you need to know: Home’s Pro Floorings

    Home's Pro is one of the leading flooring brands in Canada, offering a variety of high-end Vinyl, Loose lay, and Tile flooring. At D&R flooring,…

    Dos and Don’ts: Laundry Room Flooring 02Aug

    Best flooring for your Laundry Room

    When it comes to the laundry room flooring, things can get overwhelming and confusing. You might have heard something somewhere, or a retailer misguided you.…

    All You Need To Know: Bamboo Flooring 24Jul

    All You Need To Know: Bamboo Flooring

    Bamboo flooring has a wood-like appearance and is more economical than other wood floorings. It is also very durable and has a high degree of…

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